The Weinfeld Collector's Edition - The Illuminated Haggadah
  • Impressive 12x16 size
  • Luxurious leather binding with gold stamped insert
  • Breathtaking illumination and exacting calligraphy
  • The famed ArtScroll translation
  • Profound commentary, meaningful messages and elucidating insights
  • 167 pages with gold stamped highlights
Special promotion available until
April 14!
$1800 $1500.00 CELH

Judaica Illuminations is proud to present the magnum opus of Rabbi Yonah Weinrib - a Limited Edition facsimile of The Illuminated Torah. The Tessler Collection/ The Rennert Edition and Schwalb Edition is a historic artistic endeavor which expands the horizons of creative design and takes art and calligraphy to a new level. Students and scholars alike will be enriched by its teachings, as the vibrant palette of midrash and aggadah graces each volume.

Classic Edition Sefer Bereisheet

Classic Edition Sefer Shemot

Never before has the beauty of Torah been captured in the vibrant images and subtle nuances inherent in each brush stroke, from precision design to masterful execution. The illumination is breathtakingly beautiful…the design is ingeniously creative - the artistry is museum quality…the calligraphy is exacting…the commentary and research is profound…the messages of The Illuminated Torah are eternal.

Approbations from leading Rabbinic figures in Israel and America

$6500 Limited Edition Sefer Shemot

$100 Sefer Bereisheet Classic Edition
The Schwalb Classic Edition
CIT-B (9" x 12", 500 pages)

$100 Sefer Shemot Classic Edition
The Tessler Collection The Rennert Edition
CIT (9" x 12", almost 400 pages)

$160.00 $150.00 *LIMITED TIME SPECIAL*
Set of Sefer Bereisheet and Sefer Shemot - Classic Editions

$350 Sefer Shemot Leather Deluxe Edition
Luxurious hand crafted leather, gilt edged page
CIT-DX (9" x 12", almost 400 pages)

Custom Display Stand
Showcase your magnificent edition on this beautifully designed free-standing wooden unit. Richly stained, 42" high, created to help you enjoy your heirloom edition for years to come.
If you would like to order a page commemorating a special event,
please contact our office for a more detailed and appropriate selection.
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